Our products

Video Advertising

Cross-Device Video Advertising Units for Connected TV / Over-the-top, Mobile Applications and Websites.

In-Stream Ads

In-stream video ads appear before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) and after (post-roll) content plays.

CTV/OTT in-stream ads follow the traditional TV experience with non-skippable ad breaks alongside programming. This is our most popular product with the future of TV programming predicted to be prevalent on platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Roku.

Content consumed on the go with mobile phones and tablets has been been a part of our culture since the launch of Apple’s iPhone. Mobile applications have the highest consumption numbers and is ideal for reaching a large audience. We support in-stream ads on both iOS and Android.

Website in-stream ads are still our most dependable and oldest product. Many people spend a large part of their day surfing websites and watching videos. Ads on websites can be interactive and link customers directly to a product for purchase making it a very effective ad unit.

Out-Stream Ads

An out-stream ad unit (also referred to as in-article or slider) autoplays in a custom size video player whenever a user navigates to it within a website. It commonly appears while a user is scrolling down and reading an article or it can slide in from the bottom corners of the website. Out-stream ad units are proven to be more effective than traditional in-stream ads in some instances.

In-Banner Ads

In-banner ads are banner ads with video embedded. They are utilized on many popular websites. Adding video to static banners allow you to catch user attention with interactive content immediately. In-banner ads are less intrusive and don’t interrupt the browsing experience. The most popular in-banner unit is 300×250 because it follows a 4:3 aspect ratio for viewing videos.